Accelerated Pathway Applications – Public School Pre-K

The Accelerated Pathway for Public School Prekindergarten programs.

An Accelerated Pathway Rating is available to all eligible public school prekindergarten programs that meet Minnesota statutes 124D.15 program and supervision requirements. All sites that would like to be considered for a Rating under the Accelerated Pathway must meet the requirements, including extended day or wrap-around child care services.

Head Start and Voluntary Prekindergarten districts and charter schools rated under the Automatic Rating process re-rate through their annual funding application process. Contact for Automatic Rating details.

Not sure if you should be participating in Accelerated Pathway? Read more about the Rating Pathways.


Prepare for the Rating Process

  1. Before you begin, watch the short Parent Aware Ratings for Public School Districts webinar for an overview of the process.
  2. View the two-page Quick Guide: Parent Aware Rating Process for Districts/Charter Schools in the Accelerated Pathway, which summarizes the rating process.
  3. For more detailed guidance on the training requirements, view the Parent Aware Training Requirements and Guidance for Public Programs Webinar and the Parent Aware Training Guidance for Districts/Charter Schools in the Accelerated Pathway.


Complete Your Application Materials

After reviewing the guidance above, download the required forms and assemble your documentation. Your completed application will include the following:


Submit Your Application

Programs can submit their application in one of two ways:

Email Scan all application materials into one PDF file, and email one attachment. Include your program name in the email subject line.


Mail the application materials to:

Child Care Aware of Minnesota
Attn: Parent Aware Rating Team
10 River Park Plaza, Suite 820
St. Paul, MN 55107

Note: If you submit your documentation by mail, keep a copy of your application materials on file.


Public School District Parent Aware Application

Please read the following instructions for completing the Public School District Parent Aware Application:

  1. Provide your Program Identification Information on the application.
  2. Provide site information. The site area on the application refers to the building name of your site. Sites may include formal partnerships with child care or community organizations, only if they meet the School Readiness statute or are a Head Start program. If a site has been certified through the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS), including the certification number on the application. If you have changed the name of the site since your last Rating, please include the former name and indicate if that site has closed.
  3. Provide curriculum and assessment information. All programs must use a Parent Aware-approved curriculum and assessment tool.
    • If you use a Parent Aware aligned curriculum and assessment tool, enter the names of tools on the application. You are not required to submit copies of the tools.
    • If the curriculum or assessment tool that your district uses is not on the Parent Aware approved list, but was previously approved, write “site designed and approved” or “bundle of tools” in this section of the applications. You must submit the Parent Aware Nomination approval letter.
    • If you use a tool that is not on the Parent Aware approved tool list and it is not approved, you must complete and submit either or both a Parent Aware Curriculum Nomination and/or Assessment Nomination. This process may take up to six-eight weeks for approval.
    • If your program is still selecting an assessment tool, The Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) highly suggests you choose a tool that is included in the Kindergarten Entry Profile (KEP). For more information, visit the MDE KEP webpage.


Training Inventories and Staff Development Information

Programs must complete both pages of the Parent Aware Training Inventory. Only individual lead staff are required to submit training verification in the last five years from the signature date of this application. Provide all lead teachers' names, trainings, and hours on Pages 1 and 2 of the Parent Aware Training Inventory Form. Age-appropriate licensed teachers* are required to submit their teacher license, along with ten hours of training in Assessment, Evaluation, and Individualization (KCF IVa-IVb). The following are age-appropriate licenses:

  • 180102 – Prekindergarten
  • 180103 – Prekindergarten and Kindergarten
  • 180105 – Pre-Primary
  • 180150 – Early Childhood Education
  • 180402 – Family Education/Early Childhood Educator
  • 190500 – Early Childhood Special Education

*Teachers who do not have a Minnesota age-appropriate teaching license are required to submit ten hours of training in Developmentally Appropriate Learning Experiences (KCF IIa-IIe) and ten hours of Assessment, Evaluation, and Individualization (KCF IV). Please list all lead teachers on both training inventories. Both inventories must be submitted even if all teachers hold one of the appropriate licenses.

Programs must provide training documentation for each lead teacher working at the site. Training verification may include a certificate of attendance, a sign-in sheet with a certificate of attendance for multiple staff, and/or a professional development database record. Please note that all forms of documentation must include the teacher's name, instructor's name, course name, date(s), and total hours.

For more guidance on the training requirements and documentation, view the MDE Parent Aware Training Guidance and the MDE Parent Aware Training Requirement webinar. For additional information about the KCFs, please view the resources on the MDE Knowledge and Competency Framework webpage.

Contact MDE at with any additional questions.


Public School District Parent Aware Participation Agreement

Read and sign the Public School District Participation Agreement.

Signatures are required from a licensed early childhood coordinator and school district administrator.


Public School Prekindergarten Program Changes

We know programs expand, move, and close locations based on the needs of their community. If you have any changes to your program during the two-year Rating cycle, districts must submit a Parent Aware Addendum Application to indicate those changes.



Contact the Minnesota Department of Education at

Note: MDE provides technical assistance on the rating process and training requirements, but you must submit your completed application to the Parent Aware Rating Team at

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