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Our Mission

Minnesota’s Quality Rating and Improvement System

We believe that…

  • Every child has unique gifts and abilities to celebrate and nurture
  • All families deserve equitable access to quality care and education for their children
  • Quality early learning from trained and culturally competent professionals makes a difference for children
  • Children learn through relationships and playful interactions with their families, peers, providers, teachers, and environment

We will…

  • Promote the importance of high-quality inclusive care and education programs and practices to all Minnesotans
  • Offer professional growth for child care and early education professionals through cutting-edge, culturally-responsive training, education, and coaching
  • Always improve Parent Aware services through evaluation, listening to parents and providers, and using the latest methods, models, and research.

We commit to…

  • Advancing inclusive practices that build on family, child, and community strengths
  • Helping care and education programs adopt best practices and serve children of all cultures, races, ethnicities, languages, beliefs, and abilities
  • Offering services and supports from people who reflect our diverse community
  • Supporting practices that will lead to closing the achievement gap for young children