Staying Involved Checklist

After selecting a program, it's smart for families to stay involved in their child's care.

  1. Make unexpected visits.

    Programs should welcome parent visits at any time, but keep in mind that certain times of the day are very busy and the provider(s) may have little time to spend with you.
  2. Take your time.

    When dropping off or picking up your child, make time to occasionally stay a little longer.
  3. Change times.

    Picking up your child at the same time every day is a great way to build a routine and confidence with your child, but changing pick-up times occasionally allows you to see different aspects of your child’s day.
  4. Volunteer.

    Helping with special events or field trips is a fun way to bond with your child and is also a chance to interact with the program’s staff.
  5. Arrange a conference.

    Setting up a meeting or phone conversation with your program is a chance to talk about your child, ask questions or express concerns.
  6. Meet new people.

    Get to know providers, parents, staff or volunteers who may be spending time with your child.

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