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Families Additional Help for Families

Additional Help for Families

A list of comprehensive resources for financial assistance, medical programs, nutrition, and housing.

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Resources and services for families with young children.

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Low Income Assistance

Bridge to Benefits
Helps you learn if you are eligible for public benefit programs and tax credits.

Minnesota Family Investment Program
Helps families with children meet their basic needs as they move toward financial stability through work.

Energy Assistance Program
Helps pay home heating and cooling costs and furnace repairs.

Weatherization Assistance Program
Offers free home energy upgrades to help save energy and make sure your home is healthy and safe.

Metro Transit Assistance Program
Provides discounted fares if you are enrolled in other assistance programs.

Food and Nutrition Programs

Emergency Food Resources
Provides a list of food pantries in the state. For immediate help finding food, you can call 888.711.1151. 

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
Helps you buy the food you need if you have a low income. Participants receive a debit card to buy food at stores and farmers’ markets.

Woman, Infants & Children Program (WIC)
Helps pregnant women, new mothers, infants and young children eat well, learn about nutrition, and stay healthy. Benefits include healthy food purchases using a WIC Card.

Child and Adult Care Food Program
Pays for meals and snacks served to children in child care programs. It helps them serve well-balanced, nutritious meals to build good eating habits. Ask your child care program if they participate.

Medical and Health Programs

Medical Assistance and Minnesota Care may pay for all or part of your family’s health care costs if you do not have insurance, cannot get affordable health insurance through a job, or need help paying for care in a nursing home or medical facility. 

Minnesota Family Planning Program 
This program covers family planning services (including related supplies) and transportation services to and from providers. 

Home and Community-Based Service Waivers 
If you have a disability or chronic condition and need help paying for care and services to stay in your home.

Child and Teen Checkups
Covers children from birth through age 20 who are enrolled in Medical Assistance or MinnesotaCare. A visit often meets the health checkup requirements for school, Head Start, the WIC Program, child care, camps, and sports participation physicals.

Homelessness and Housing Assistance

Minnesota Housing
Provides a list of resources if you are homeless or need help paying for housing. It contains information on emergency assistance, public housing, and rent subsidies.

Connects families with affordable housing of all types. It also offers information on where you can find legal help with housing problems.

Day One Hotline
Victims of domestic or sexual violence or human trafficking can call or text 866.223.1111 or visit the website to connect with housing and support.

Homeless School Liaisons
If you become homeless, your child has the right to remain in the school that they were attending, and the district must continue to provide transportation.

Housing Benefits 101
Helps people with disabilities who need affordable housing to understand available housing options and support services.