Choosing Care Checklist

This basic step-by-step guide outlines a path to successfully find a program for your child.

  1. Reach out.

    After beginning your child care search by calling Parent Aware at 888.291.9811 or searching online, reach out to child care and early education programs to check for openings. It’s a great opportunity to introduce yourself and ask questions, especially if your child has specific needs (like allergies).
  2. Visit programs.

    You may want to schedule two visits or phone interviews with programs you are considering. The first visit can be a one-on-one conversation with the care provider(s). A second visit will give you the chance to introduce your child to the provider(s) and see how the staff interacts with other children. Read articles about Types of Care and Health and Safety Standards to help you develop a list of questions for each program.
  3. Check references and records.

    Request references from families who are currently using the program you are considering and several who have used the program in the past. A clean health and safety record is also important.
  4. Make your choice.

    Be sure to confirm your start date with your chosen program. Call programs you are not selecting, but still trust, to ask them if they are available to provide back-up care.
  5. Introduce your child.

    A little planning will go a long way in helping your child transition to a new program. Ask the program about steps they would recommend for your child or use this Child Care Transition guide for ideas.
  6. Stay involved.

    It’s important to regularly evaluate your choice of care. Here are some tips for Staying Involved after you’ve selected a program for your child.

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