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You may be eligible for free or low-cost support provided by these Parent Aware partners.

Achieve, the Minnesota Center for Professional Development

Helps child care and early education professionals document and plan for their training and professional development. Services include:

  • Help applying for an Individual Membership, creating a Learning Record, and receiving a Career Lattice Step using Develop
  • Help applying to become an approved trainer, coach, consultant, or mentor
  • Virtual career guide to assess skills and identify career options

Achieve, MN Center for Professional Development

Center for Inclusive Child Care

CICC offers free coaching to licensed (tribally or through DHS) child care center or family child care programs in Minnesota. Coaches work with programs to promote the successful inclusion of children with special needs or challenging behaviors, to implement health and safety best practices and/or to support the unique needs of infants and toddlers in your program.

Your coach can assist your program in:

  • Building skills, tools and strategies to promote inclusion, health and safety or infants and toddlers through hands-on support and modeling
  • Identifying appropriate resource and referral information
  • Accessing free resources and materials
  • Developing an on-going relationship of support with a trusted professional


Center for Early Education and Development

Offers the following services and supports:

  • Observations and scoring with the Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS®)
  • Supports for Parent Aware CLASS® Coaches
  • Training on child assessment and CLASS® observation (infant, toddler, prekindergarten, and kindergarten through third grade versions)
  • Training on the domains in the CLASS® Observation tool: Instructional Support, Classroom Organization, and Emotional Support
  • Training on an overview of the CLASS® Observation Tool

Center for Early Education and Development, University of Minnesota

Child Care Aware of Minnesota

A network of regional and district agencies, and one statewide agency. Supports provided include:

  • Coaching, technical assistance, and grants
  • Free and low-cost training to meet Parent Aware training requirements
  • Professional development guidance for early educators and programs
  • Scholarships for higher education and retention bonuses

Child Care Aware of Minnesota

Child Care Assistance Program, Minnesota Department of Children, Youth, and Families

A state government program administered by local county or tribal governments that:


An online toolbox with two main components: Parent Aware and Professional Development. Use it to:

  • Search and register for training and track professional development activities
  • Apply for an Individual Membership and establish a Career Lattice Step
  • Apply for and submit documentation to earn a Parent Aware Rating


Early Learning Scholarships Program, Minnesota Department of Education

A state government program that provides scholarships to help families pay for high-quality child care and early education. Pathway I scholarships are administered by area administrators. Pathway II scholarships are administered directly by Four-Star Rated Programs.

  • Scholarships must be used in Parent Aware Rated programs
  • Pathway I scholarships are awarded directly to families who meet eligibility requirements and paid to the early childhood program that the family chooses
  • Pathway II scholarships are awarded to families through Four-Star Parent Aware Rated programs
  • Find the area administrator nearest you

First Children’s Finance

Provides business development services, including:

  • Business training, coaching, consultation, and technical assistance
  • Business leadership cohorts
  • Low-interest financing to child care businesses

First Children's Finance

Early Childhood Mental Health System of Care, Department of Children, Youth, and Families

A state government program that offers early childhood mental health consultation to child care providers, teachers, assistants, and directors.

  • Consultation includes a combination of training, reflective consultation, and skill building
  • Free for all Parent Aware Rated and participating programs
  • Contact your Quality Coach for a referral

Minnesota Association for the Education of Young Children

Supports early childhood and school-age care programs across Minnesota with:

  • Accreditation support services
  • Curriculum and assessment consultation
  • Relationship Based Professional Development (RBPD) on a variety of topics, customizable onsite
  • Professional Development, tailored onsite training & public offerings
  • Leadership Journey Series for center-based and school-age care leadership/management

Minnesota Association for the Education of Young Children