Your Support Team

Our team will help you through the Rating process.

We understand the time and energy it takes to go through the Rating process. We’ll surround you with a team for support along the way.

Licensed child care programs participating in the Full-Rating Pathway are assigned a Parent Aware Quality Coach and Professional Development Advisor (PDA) once they have applied to participate in Parent Aware.

Are you a licensed accredited child care or public school-based prekindergarten program? You may be eligible for the Accelerated Pathway. Visit our Accelerated Pathway FAQs for more information.


Parent Aware Quality Coach

  • Your Parent Aware Quality Coach is your partner. Coaches help you prepare for a Rating by answering questions and giving you support.
  • You are the expert of your program. With years of child care experience and education, your Quality Coach is a Parent Aware expert who will help you make informed choices, complete tasks, and explore quality improvement.


Professional Development Advisor (PDA)

  • Professional Development Advisors work with you to help you plan for and accomplish your professional development goals.
  • Your PDA will help you:
    • Determine completed education or trainings that may already count toward your Parent Aware Rating.
    • Select additional trainings that fit your schedule and meet Rating requirements.
    • Answer your questions about training.
    • Create a professional development plan.

Get Started

Recruiters are here to answer your questions and start you on the journey to a Rating.

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