If you are logging in to the Update Tool for the first time, or are experiencing problems with logging in, please reach out to InformationServices@parentaware.org or call 888.291.9811 for log-in assistance.

Update Tool Instructions

  1. Activate Your Account

    If you have never used the Program Update Tool before, you’ll need to activate your account first. Email our support team at UpdateTool@childcareawaremn.org and include your program’s license ID or certification number, zip code, and a current email address. Our team will reply with your login information and directions to access your account.
  2. Sign In

    Once you have activated your account, type in your email address and password and then click ‘Login.’ If you forget your password or have issues logging in, you can click ‘Request Password’ to reset your login information.
  3. Update Program Information

    While signed in, select the ‘Update Data’ tab on the upper left-hand side of the tool and select the ‘+’ to expand and update each section. Be sure to click ‘Save’ before moving to a different section. Items in gray cannot be updated by the program. You must reach out to your licensor to have this information updated.    
  4. Sign Out

    After updating your information, click ‘Sign Out’ in the upper right-hand corner.
  5. Keep Your Information Updated

    Update your information using the Program Update Tool any time you make changes to your business information. This includes hours of operation, ages served, rate information, and your current openings.

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