Tips for Fully-Rated Programs

What do I need to do to maintain my program's Rating?

  • Have an active license with the Minnesota Department of Human Services with none of the following licensing violations: conditional license, suspension, temporary immediate suspension, revocation, or facility-responsible maltreatment determination within the last year.
  • Or, for tribal programs, an active license in good standing with a tribal government.

I understand that my Rating expires in two years. What if I want to Re-Rate?

  • Programs with a One-, Two-, or Three-Star Rating can participate in a Building Quality or Full-Rating Cohort as soon as six months after the issuance date listed on your Rating Certificate (June 30 or December 31). Programs with a Four-Star Rating can participate in Building Quality up to 18 months prior to their current Rating’s expiration date and receive 20-60 hours of Quality Coaching and supports, or they can join a new Full-Rating Cohort 18 months after they are Rated to earn a new Rating. Contact your local Child Care Aware of Minnesota agency for more information.
  • If a program does not reapply, the Rating will end on the expiration date listed on the program’s Rating certificate. At that time, the Rating will be removed from the program’s profile on, access to Early Learning Scholarships may be impacted, and eligibility for higher Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) rates based on a Three- or Four-Star Rating will end.

What support is available to Rated programs?

  • Read through our Benefits and Key Resources sections for recommended resources and partnerships – including financial aid, business consultation, training, professional development advising, and coaching – that offer support to Rated programs.

What should I do between Ratings?

Renew your Individual Membership

  • Every Lead Provider, Program Director, Education Coordinator, and one Lead Teacher per classroom must have a current Individual Membership in Develop, and verified, accurate employment records.
  • Individual Develop Memberships must be renewed every year and must be current on the date your program submits for Rating. The expiration date is displayed on your Develop Individual Profile, Learning Record, and Career Lattice certificate. When renewing, processing time can take up to 6 weeks from when Achieve receives documentation.
  • Review and update the Classroom and Employee tabs in your Develop Organization Profile.
  • For more information, connect with Achieve MNCPD.

Continue Quality Improvement
You worked hard to set goals, so you should refer to your Quality Improvement Plan or EQUIP on a regular basis and consider these tips to keep your quality on track:

  • With your professional development plan, consider what is required for licensing, your next Rating, and your long-term goals. How will your plan fit these requirements?
  • Celebrate your progress! What goals did you meet? What new goals are you ready to set? Are you ready to go for the next Rating level?
  • Revisit your Environment Self-Assessment (ESA). Where have improvements occurred? Are there opportunities to improve or expand practices?

Pursue Professional Development Training

  • Talk with your Professional Development Advisor to help you plan ahead for the required training to Re-Rate either at the same, or higher, Star Level.
  • Keep your staff current on the latest best practices and prepare for your next Rating:
    • Make sure each Lead Teacher or Lead Provider keeps up with required training. Contact your Professional Development Advisor for support.
    • IMPORTANT: All required training needs to have been completed within the last five years of your Cohort start date, either January 1 or July 1, through your Quality Documentation Profile submission deadline, and appear on the Learning Record in Develop.

What if my program moves?

  • Contact your Quality Coach and Licensor to learn how a change in location will impact your Parent Aware Rating.
  • If you are a Lead Provider of a family child care program and your license number changes after your move, you must notify Parent Aware by completing and returning the Change of Location and License Number for Rated Programs Form. Contact your Parent Aware Quality Coach to get this form. Once a completed form is received, the Rating will be retained or reinstated, as long as the license holder’s name is exactly the same as the license holder’s name on the child care license at the time the Rating was issued. This policy applies only to family child care.
  • For child care centers, the Rating is linked to the license number. In most cases, the license number stays the same when your program moves. If the program moves and the license number changes, the program’s Rating will be revoked, or participation will end. Your program is eligible to participate under your new license.
  • For both family child care and child care centers, if your license number does not change after you move, you should inform your licensor of your new address and update your address in your Develop Organization Profile.

How can I promote my Star Rating?

  • Visit the Promote Your Rating section to learn more about the resources we offer to help programs promote their Ratings.

How can I review what program information is on my profile?

  • Use the Provider Update Tool to review and update your program’s public profile information. Some information can only be updated through your county or state licensor. Review the Program Listing FAQs page for details.

What if I have more questions?

  • Contact your Quality Coach. They will help you make the most of your resources as a Rated program, and help you prepare for your next Rating.

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