Earn a Rating

Here are important questions to consider as you navigate the Rating process.

  1. Is Your Program Eligible?

    Are you a family child care provider? A director at a child care center? Is your program accredited? Many different programs can get a Parent Aware Rating, but there are different Rating Eligibility requirements based on your program type, including public school-based programs, accredited licensed child care programs, and non-accredited child care programs.

    For licensed child care programs, make sure you have signed up for an Individual Membership in Develop.

  2. Who Should You Connect With?

    The best person to help you get started depends on your program type and location. Find the right contact for your program and begin working toward your Rating today!
  3. Which Pathway Should You Take?

    There are four different Pathways programs can take to earn a Parent Aware Rating. Read more about each Rating Pathway to find the right one for your program.
  4. What Resources Can You Use?

    Use these throughout the Rating process. Have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact the Parent Aware team.

  5. What Should You Do After Earning a Rating?

    Congratulations! Your hard work has paid off, so now it’s time to share your accomplishment and Promote Your Rating! Your official Rating Certificate will be sent in the mail. We suggest putting it in a nice frame. Families will also be able to see your Rating in your Parent Aware profile when using our search tool.

    We also put together some tips that will support quality improvement between Ratings and instructions on how to prepare for your next Rating.

Get Started

Recruiters are here to answer your questions and start you on the journey to a Rating.

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