Accelerated Pathway Training Requirements

Your guide to training requirements for Accelerated Pathway programs.

Lead teachers and providers in programs taking the Accelerated Pathway need to have the appropriate hours of training, coaching, consultation, or mentoring in the Knowledge and Competency Framework (KCF) Content Areas outlined below. A current, age-appropriate Minnesota teaching license, an initial Child Development Associate® Credential™ earned within the last three years, or a current Montessori diploma awarded within the last five years may meet some of the training requirements.

Not sure if you’re an Accelerated Pathway-eligible program? Read more about the Rating Pathways.

Four-Star Rating

  • Content Area II.A-II.E: Developmentally Appropriate Learning Experiences (10 hours)
  • Content Area IV.A: Observing, Recording, and Assessing Development AND/OR Content Area IV.B: Assessing and Using Information to Plan (10 hours*)

*Required even if you have a current, age-appropriate Minnesota teaching license.

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